Whatever Overkill decides to do, he’s going to do it in his own way. Why? Because.


High Steaks

Welcome to a show where we test the finest Steaks around the world. If it isn’t steak, we don’t put it in our mouth. Join us on this journey where we only have one thing on our mind… Red meat. We don’t claim to be masters of Steak, but you best believe we will learn and have fun along the way. Join us as we take on some of the best, and possibly worst, steaks known to man.

Channels In Syndication

Dope or Nope

Welcome to a show where products meet comedy. We review interesting and absurd products from across the internet with the intention of bringing joy to others. We believe life’s a joke, and we can prove it. Join us as we give our expertise on the wackiest, coolest, and worst products ever made.

Project 863

After finding a mysterious key labeled ‘863’ in the ceiling, Matthias and the rest of his team find themselves sucked into the world of Syntec, a shady biotech company that occupied the building they’re now in years ago. They gain allies and enemies along the way, learning about Syntec as well as themselves and how they’re connected to ‘863’. Join Subject 4 now to help the team through each new adventure that pops up from a past that they’ve now inherited, whether they want it or not.

Battle Universe

Join the Battle Universe community of NERF enthusiasts and experience fun and innovative games that take battles to the next level! With hilarious moments, and endless challenges, our channel is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for fun. Battle on!

Get Good Gaming

Join the Get Good Gaming crew and enjoy our LAN multiplayer gaming set up as we take on your favorite games, challenges and more. GG!